Tips For Using Test Banks Properly

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Let’s assume you have got your hands on a test bank for your program and want to make sure you are preparing yourself for an upcoming test and/or exam. What should you be looking to do in order to make the most of the content that is present in your hand? It is essential to understand the power of having a solution manual in your hands for quality results. Here are three tips that should go a long way in the short and long term with regards to using test banks for personal success.
Understand Concepts
It is essential to break down the questions and understand the concepts being taught rather than focusing on memorizing questions. As there are tweaks that can be made by professors and that will leave you without a clue as to what to do down the road when the test is being written.
Those who buy solution manuals often make this mistake as they assume the questions have to be memorized and they are good to go. This is not the case and will be asking for trouble to say the least.
Sit down and understand the concepts before moving forward.
Find Patterns
The beauty of using test banks is you are going to be able to look at all of the questions and find patterns in them. You are not going to be writing an exam blindly as a regular student would and that alone can give you a head start in the right direction.
With the help of the questions in your hands, you are able to make the most of the solutions in front of you and begin to spot those patterns that are present. Those who do this are going to make a difference with regards to their results as a whole.
Be Patient
It is easy to start skipping questions and/or solutions in the hopes of you knowing questions. Learn to be patient as you are still going to need to put in the work. Those who put in the work will see the results they are craving.
Make sure you are using test banks in order to see proper success instead of just hoping to make things work as so many people do and then they regret it. Having access to such content is wonderful as long as you know what you are doing.

August 3, 2015

Process of Modern Industrial Development

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Since the founding of the People’s Republic, Xinjiang has gained rapid development in its modern industries. However, like elsewhere in China, in the 20 years prior to 1978, that is, before the policy of reform and opening-up was introduced, its industrial development was affected by the “Leftist” guiding principles, and quite severely by the “Cultural Revolution”. Against the backdrop of the planned economy, for a long time, Xinjiang’s industrial development was swayed by ideas preferring “productive speed” to “economic returns”, stressing “infrastructure” rather than “industrial transformation”, and putting “output value” before “management”. So it traversed a tortuous road of development. It was not until the policy of reform and opening-up was introduced in China that


Broadly, Xinjiang’s modern industrial development can be divided into two phases: before the introduction of the policy of reform and opening-up and thereafter. More specifically, the first three decades before the introduction of the policy of reform and opening-up can be subdivided into three periods—the national economic recovery and the First Five-Year Plan period (1950-1957), the Second Five- Year Plan and Three-Year National Economic Readjustment period (1958-1965) and the Fourth and early Fifth Five-Year Plan period, i.e., the “Cultural Revolution” period (1966-1976). The period after the introduction of the policy of reform and opening-up can be subdivided into two periods-the readjustment, rectification and the Sixth Five-Year Plan period (1978-1985) and the Seventh and Eighth Five-Year Plan period till today.

(1)     National Economic Recovery and the First Five-Year Plan Period

That was the startup and groundwork period for Xinjiang’s modem industry. Following the peaceful liberation of Xinjiang, General Wang Zhen was the first to lead the troops stationed in Xinjiang to carry guns and hoes at the same time and start the new Massive Production Movement. They not only reclaimed wasteland, but also ran a number of flourmills, oil mills, and sewing and repair plants. During the three-year recovery period between 1950 and 1952, apart from 100 million yuan investment for construction from state finance, the overwhelming majority of funds came from the People’s Liberation Army in Xinjiang who practiced tight economy among themselves. Under very harsh conditions, they soon built a batch of modern industrial enterprises, such as Liudaowan Coal Mine, Qiyi Cotton Textile Plant, Bayi Steel Mill and Shiyue Automobile Repair and Replacement Plant. By 1952, Xinjiang had 771 industrial enterprises La ciudad prohibida, 2016 pekin china, with a total industrial output value of RMB 220 million yuan.

During the First Five-Year Plan period, the Central Government pointed out, “It is essential to proceed from the reality and accommodate the future prospects while planning for the development in Xinjiang. It is expected that ten more years is needed to build railway in Xinjiang. Prior to that, Xinjiang shall focus on land and animal farming as well as corresponding transport and internal and external trade in its overall economic development. In the field of manufacturing and mining industries, with the exception of certain necessary and viable small-scale industries, the priority should be placed at natural resources exploration and personnel training, so that adequate data can be collected to serve the specific planning on large-scale manufacturing and mining industries two or three years before railway reaches Xinjiang.

June 25, 2015

Anti-Separatist Struggles in the Ideological Field

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After gaining the leadership of the three-region revolutionary movement, the revolutionary faction led by Ahmatjan and Abbasov consciously regarded opposing “Pan-Islamism”, “Pan- Turkism”and separatism and maintaining unity of the country as their top priority in the area of ideology. They began such efforts in an organized way after accepting the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and founding the “Democratic Revolutionary Party”. On February 3, 1947, the “People’s Revolutionary Party” in the three regions and the “Xinjiang Communist League” in Dihua merged and formed a unified “Democratic Revolutionary Party”based on the recommendation of the CPC Central Committee, The new “Democratic Revolutionary Party” selected Abdukerim Abbasov as its chairman and wrote down, for the first time, the opposition to “Pan-Islamism” and “Pan Turkism” as one of its founding principles. It was provided in the constitution of the new Party that its task was to “arm itself with dialectic and historical materialism”, “give people Party education and arm them with Party theories and policies in order to prevent them, particularly the young and mid­aged intellectuals, from becoming ‘Pan-Islamist’,‘Pan-Turkist’, big nationality chauvinist or narrow nationalist”. On February 17, at the mass assembly held by the Association for the Promotion of Uygur Culture, Ahmatjan publicly enunciated the policy and position of the three-region revolutionary movement against Xinjiang independence. He said, “I did mention ethnic autonomy for Xinjiang at the National Assembly, however, that did not mean independence. Moreover, the ethnic autonomy we need is not limited to one ethnic group only… But rather an ethnic autonomy based on equality among all ethnic groups in Xinjiang so as to serve political democracy. Those who see ethnic autonomy only as the exclusive freedom for one ethnic group are extremely mistaken in their thinking. We must know that the enemy to our ethnic groups is not the Han people, but the corrupt ethnic-Han bureaucracy under the past autocratic system. We shall not confuse the two and mistake the Han people in general as our enemy. After Terms of Peace was signed, the government of ‘East Turkistan Republic’ announced its disintegration in a decent way, and the relevant regions fell under the leadership of the provincial government like other special regions… If today there are people advocating the so-called independence of ‘East Turkistan’, they are actually challenging Terms of Peace. Our people today do not want to set up the so-called‘government of East Turkistan Republic’. .Agencia de viajes china. espanola.. Our people should be aware that now we are not opposed to the Han people or the unity of the country. Those who oppose the Han people and the unity of the country, if there are still any such people, are against Terms of Peace and the Administration Programme, and are not our friends. Therefore, we are firm in giving no support to any action that is not prescribed in Terms of Peace .

June 8, 2015

the self-motivated introduction of those ideas

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It must be recognized that those who took the lead to go abroad enjoyed high prestige in local community and did quite a lot of things in the interest of social development. For instance, Hussein Baii was a participant and supporter of the Xinhai Revolution in Xinjiang and helped finance the revolutionary army to build the troops. He also made efforts to develop national industry and commerce as well as ethnic education. However, in the face of the world-wide trend of “Pan- Islamist” and “Pan-Turkist” thoughts, which included supra-class, supra-state and supra-national extremist religious and ethnic ideas, those people from Xinjiang who just opened their eyes to the world paid no regard to the harmful elements and embraced those thoughts indiscriminately with open arms.

In addition to the self-motivated introduction of those ideas into Xinjiang by local people, the Ottoman Empire also made vigorous efforts to export the ideologies. As Xinjiang provincial government strictly banned foreign involvement in religion, particularly that by Ottoman Turkish, the earliest Turkish people who came to Xinjiang to spread “Pan-Islamist” and “PanTurkist”ideas did so in the name of “running education”. In February 1914, Ahmed Kamali and 6 other people sent by the “Committee of Unity and Progress” of the Ottoman Empire came to Xinjiang via Russian territory (greeted and accompanied by Hussein Baii at Odsa, Russia) and arrived in Artux on March 14. They first planned to open school in Kashi, but had to change it as the local authorities there were very strict in administration. They then set up a normal school at Artux. Besides, they also opened a charity agency. The school was presided over by Hussein Baii, while the 7 Turkish people including Kamali were responsible for teaching and taking care of the classes  Propiedades, historia del ginseng. While running education, the Turkish team went all out to spread“Pan-Islamist” and “Pan-Turkist” ideas. They repeatedly taught students to regard the Ottoman Turkish sultan as their leader and sing Turkey March. The school had a printing house moved from Istanbul, which publicly printed a journal titled Great Faith to sell the two ideologies. The “new-style schools” of the same kind were soon opened in Kashgar, Yarkand (today’s Shache), Khotan and Kuqa. In the summer of 1915, the unauthorized school business by the Turkish in Artux was exposed to the authorities. Kamali and other people were interrogated by the daoyin (local official) of Kashgar in August.

May 31, 2015

Kokand even took the trouble

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The majority of the escaped Xinjiang Hoja family lived in exile in Kokand. By the first half of the 19th century, there were as many as over 200 descendants of Xinjiang Hoja in Kokand alone腿•

At first, Kokand received and provided for those Hoja descendants out of Islamic faith; but afterwards, as Kokand got stronger and began its outward expansion, the Hoja forces became its tools to invade and encroach upon Xinjiang. Therefore, when there was a need, Kokand even took the trouble to collect Xinjiang Hoja descendants from other places in Central Asia, some of whom had even been reduced to beggars when they were found. Indeed, those Hojas were mostly no more than a puppet for Kokand’s military expansion into Southern Xinjiang, as one of the Hoja descendants,

Yusuf, who was used in 1830, remarked bluntly, “my presence in Kashgar is less valuable than a sorghum pancake”迎.However, the long years of keeping, utilizing and publicizing Xinjiang Hoja forces by Kokand actually served as a type of long-term religious infiltration into the neighbouring Southern Xinjiang, which bewitched and provoked, on a frequent basis, some people in that region to opt for religious fanaticism

Kokand made use of the Hoja descendants and called the military expansion into Xinjiang as the “Jihad”. Since the 10th century when Islam first appeared in Xinjiang, there had already been two large-scale “Jihad” movements (or “Jihad” peaks) in Xinjiang’s history, when Islamic faith was spread by force, or Futuhat, in the name of “Jihad”. The first was between the 10th and 11th centuries Wo liegt tibet 2015, during which time Islam, after it arrived in Kashgar, was spread to those mainly Buddhist places such as Yutian through Futuhat in the name of “Jihad”, forming the one-hundred-year-long “religious war”. The second took place from the latter half of the 14th century to early 15th century, when Islam was spread through Futuhat among the Turk-ified Mongols, a typical point in case being the coerced converting into Islam of 160,000 people by Eastern Chagatai Khan Tohlu Timur.

At the beginning of the 15th century, Islam finally established its dominance in Xinjiang after “Jihad”-style Futuhat

May 31, 2015

Some Points To Remember While Trying To Hire A Bankruptcy Lawyer

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All those who are currently experiencing harassments from their creditors and debt collection agencies should start looking into all the legal options that are available for them. A Hagerstown bankruptcy lawyer and the legal assistance provided by him can make profound changes in your life in general. There are precise reasons that could explain why the intelligent ones will always try to seek the help of lawyers.  Plenty of people have their reservations about paying hefty lump sum amounts as the attorney fee. Hagerstown attorneys have this characteristic flat rate fee system when it comes to filing for bankruptcy on your behalf.

Premium quality legal services will often come with a price tag not suitable for everyone – especially for someone who is trying hard to repay their existing debts. By paying a flat fee, you will get the consultation of some of the prominent bankruptcy lawyers in the entire state. Bankruptcy lawyers have this task of analyzing your existing financial situation. Only then, they can come up with feasible plans to keep the creditors away while allowing you to repay the restructured debt. The same fee will also include all the paperwork that the attorney will have to do.

The charges asked by a lawyer should never be the sole factor used by you to hire attorneys. As a rule of thumb, you must never settle for someone who charges extremely low rates for their services. The chances of them being down on their line of work (and thus desperate for more clients) or trying to cut corners will be too high! Opt in for the free consultation session offered by most of the lawyers who deal with bankruptcy. If you are busy on the weekdays, then there should be an option to get in touch with the lawyer during the weekends and the other holidays.

If you are presently in a situation where the creditors will be taking possession of your home or car, do not hesitate to contact the expert bankruptcy lawyers in Hagerstown. Also, do check out the reviews and the testimonials that the clients have left for the lawyers after availing their services.

May 1, 2015

An Insight Into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filings

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All those who are running out of money will have to seek relief from their debts at some point of time or the other. Talking with a Hagerstown bankruptcy lawyer is your best bet when it boils down to matters such as these. By paying a flat rate fee amount to the bankruptcy lawyers and by filing for bankruptcy, it is possible to avert all those unfavorable consequences of having bad debt looming over your life.


As it turns out, there are too many lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy and consumer credit issues in Hagerstown. Naturally, we will have to seek the expertise and counsel of some of the brightest minds in the town.


Lawyers can provide some amount of relief by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on behalf of their clients. Although many people might not know a lot about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they might be aware of certain other terms such as liquidation or straight bankruptcy.


By filing for this specific type of bankruptcy, it is very much possible to wipe out or discharge many kinds of debts. If you are unable to pay or credit card bills or medical bills, then filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy might help to a certain extent.


All those who file for this kind of bankruptcy will get to keep certain possessions with them. For the sake of illustration, if you are in the danger of losing your car or home, then filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will help you to keep all of them.


Not everyone who files for bankruptcy will be fortunate enough to have access to ready cash – that they can pay as consultation fee for their lawyers. In order to help their clients, many bankruptcy lawyers have come up with innovative repayment plans. If you have been thinking that filing for bankruptcy is something done exclusively by the rich and the elite, then it is time to dispel such myths from your mind.


Rather than asking for the help of lawyers who are prohibitively expensive, please stick to those who have a genuine interest in helping you reclaim your life.

March 1, 2015

Hiring the Right Chartered Accountant

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It is safe to say that it is time to look for expert help with your accounts? Nobody is preferable arranged over a CPA. Yet the methodology of contracting a CPA can be scary. These ten snappy tips are intended to help make the procedure simpler.

1. Take the time to meet a few hopefuls of chartered accountant, regardless of the possibility that equitable by telephone. Don’t enlist the first CPA you happen to meet. Avoid the individuals who won’t offer a no expense phone or in-individual meeting. Center that gathering on assessing the CPA however don’t hope to dive into the subtle elements of your work in that basic meeting.

2. Do an online personal investigation. Basically Google the CPA’s name and this ought to raise autonomous outsider references, in the same way as industry gathering participation or a BBB record. In the event that you have any uncertainty, check with your state bookkeeping board.

3. Consider more than capacity to plan assessment forms. Charges are just a little piece of your monetary life; your CPAs practice and aptitude ought to be similarly differing.

4. Remember that experience include more so than different callings. In this kind of work a CPA with many years of experience brings included worth. It is never insightful to put your monetary future in the hands enlist a tenderfoot.

5. Make beyond any doubt that your CPA is tech-keen particularly if this is an essential piece of your life. On the off chance that you Skype and IM regularly as essential strategies for correspondence, for instance, then you’ll be baffled if your CPA is not ready to react in the same way.

6. Don’t contract the least expensive or the most extravagant CPA. The slightest lavish have a tendency to concentrate on accounting capacities. The most costly have a tendency to concentrate on corporate or government reviews. You need a mid-extent expanded proficient. On the off chance that you have to spare cash, enlist a CPA who has lower overhead like one who lives up to expectations in a littler country firm or a home office.

7. Avoid CPAs who charge resource based charges or acknowledge commissions. These may be proper in a few circumstances wager are not a decent place to begin another relationship.

8. Don’t employ a CPA who is hard to get it. Assess whether your verbal discussion streams easily and that you feel good that you comprehend what’s being talked about. If not, its not your flaw; discover a CPA who can clarify it plainly.


February 28, 2015

Finding Your Way Out Of Debt That Has Head Locked Your Life

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Getting into debt is a serious situation that requires careful and controlled intervention from the experts. Not many people know that they can easily get out of tough spots by contacting a lawyer. There is no dearth of bankruptcy lawyers in Martinsburg; it is just a matter of finding the right person to file a bankruptcy claim on your behalf.

Finding a bankruptcy lawyer in Martinsburg is also easy because most of us have access to innovative tools. Many lawyers have set up full-fledged websites designed to disperse the required information to their clients. You can even schedule a free consultation session with the lawyers by using these online technologies.

Not everyone will be aware of the procedures required for filing for a bankruptcy claim. Filing the petition with the court is easy for those who have ample exposure to such practices – such as a bankruptcy lawyer.

Preparing the filing for bankruptcy required tremendous amounts of work. Locating an experienced lawyer should always be your topmost criteria. The underlying intention is to save yourself from unwanted troubles and other headaches. You can also save your time by allocating such works to a bankruptcy attorney.

If you have been getting continuous calls from others asking for their money, it is better to take the appropriate remedial actions today itself. Being deep in debt so that you cannot make the appropriate payments in a timely manner will only lead to further issues down the road. If you are in danger of losing your home or car, do not delay the process of getting in touch with the expert lawyers.

Too many professionals actually use such situations to make handsome profits. You will have to steer yourself away from such people. Locate a lawyer who charges a flat fee amount for enjoying his or her services!

If you think that the existing debt has your life in a headlock, think about filing a petition for bankruptcy. There are lawyers who will offer excellent service with an approach that is much friendlier to the people. These lawyers will serve you right in order to give you a pleasant experience!

February 9, 2015

Borrowing Money Quickly With The Help Of Guarantor Loans

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At times, people may have to borrow money quickly. During such instances, they may not get the time to do their share of research work. Shopping around might not be the best option when you have to borrow money quickly. Guarantor loans are here to save the day by providing those who are in need of quick money. One has to be very careful when it comes to availing the services of those who provide guarantor loans. In the meantime, becoming a guarantor here is indeed a noble gesture from someone else who would like to help their fellow family member or loved ones.

Never underestimate the importance of researching into the loan options that are available during these times. The majority would like to go by what their loved ones would recommend rather than spending some time searching for the appropriate information online. Please understand that trying to work out any kind of financial concept takes its own sweet time. Even though many people have heard about guarantor loans, it is not necessary for them to be fully aware of the ins and outs of these kinds of loans. Not all kinds of loans will be suitable to help you get out of a particularly tight financial crunch.

People submit loan applications while having high expectations in their mind. However, it is entirely at the discretion of the financial institution to approve or disapprove the application for the loan. The high street lenders might be willing to offer loan amounts for extremely low prices. It does not necessarily mean that these types of loans will end up working for your benefit. Please make it a point to check your current credit score rating before applying for loans. Some financial institutions will also take into account of many other aspects apart from the existing credit score rating of the loan applicant.

It is somewhat impossible to know exactly what every one of these lenders are looking forward to for those who apply for loans from them. Guarantor loans are available to those who have tainted credit ratings. The conventional money lending institutions such as banks are very particular about the credit rating of a person before allowing any type of loan package. If you have missed payments in the past, there is a good possibility for the credit rating to be a little lower than what the high street banks might expect.

The banks are also very careful not to give away loans to those who have not borrowed money previously. From their viewpoint, it is tough for them to assess the financial capabilities of the loan applicant. In other terms, if you like to get immediate access to hard cash, there is no replacement for guarantor loans. Please understand that guarantor loans are different from the conventional payday loans. Payday loans have their share of disadvantages; repaying them in a timely manner will not help in improving your credit rating. However, opting for a long-term repayment guarantee loan will help in repairing the low credit ratings.

Borrowing higher amounts in the range of £ 1000-£ 7500 is easy during these times thanks to the guarantor loan providers functioning all over the country. The terms and conditions provided by these agencies are somewhat like the policies enforced by the high street lenders such as banks.

August 12, 2014

Contributing Factors of SOHs: Policy-oriented Investment

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SOHs formed by the policy-oriented investments can be divided into three types; Politics-oriented, economy-oriented and both politics and economy oriented.

The politics-oriented hotels were built especially for the political and administrative actives. The senior officials of the Party and government often came to these hotels so the business oriented hotel could not undertake and guarantee the safety, security, confidentiality and personalized services for these senior officials, especially some officials who left their residence and usual activities. In Chapter 4; The Seventh Plenary Session of 8th National Congress of CPC Held in Jinjiang of Spring In Jinjiang, there are detailed information written down by staff in each floor on daily habits and activity routines on the clothing, food, housing, entertainment, and transportation of Vice Premier and the Secretaries of Party Committee of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. At that time it was confidential information. For the confidentiality purposes, if there were more categories of hotel assets and employees under the direct management of government, the confidentiality would be more reliable. Besides, these activities were political rather than economic which required the hotel not to be cost- income ratio oriented same as the commercial hotels in services. Based on this, it is logical for the appearance of SOHs invested and operated by the government. Especially under the planned economy, the design, construction, operation and management of political-oriented hotel often attracted attention from the government departments and senior officials. For example, the construction of Jinjiang Grand Hall was supported by the leaders of central government. In 1959, General Secretary of CPC central committee

casa de china

Deng Xiaoping and the Director of the General Office of CPC Central Committee Yang Shangkun, examined the design plan of the hall in person, and Premier Zhou Enlai decided the plan in person, the former Shanghai Mayor Marshal Chen Yi organized the construction team in person. After the construction of Jinjiang Grand Hall finished and put it into use. Lots of meetings with Chinese and foreign political dignitaries were held here and it had witnessed a large number of major historical events. In April 1959, the seventh plenary session of eighth national congress of CPC was held here. In February 1972 casa de tibet, the historic Sino-US Shanghai Communique was signed here.

Contributing Factors of SOHs: Policy-oriented Investment

August 8, 2014

Target Decomposition of Multi-target of SOHs

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 Target Decomposition of Multi-target of SOHs and the Infeasibility of Its Economic Efficiency Target

 Dual Targets of SOHs and Their Deviations

Under the dual restrictions of political and economic targets or administration and market targets, the SOHs represented the government official reception hotels are facing two revenue standards; expected economic revenue and the expected administrative revenue. Let’s suppose the two targets can be separated from each other,0 then the total revenue function R of SOHs are the summation of economic revenue R, and administrative revenue R2

R, is the company target settled by market principles. It depends on the rate of return on investment W of the hotel project. R2 is the government organizational target settled by administrative principles. It depends on the satisfaction degree of the policy target of government official reception

In a country where the administration power is widely influential and the administrative resources dominates the allocation position with the economic and social resources, the policy target of government official reception are composed of various aspects such as to assure the reception level and the security requirement of the administration organizations, to supply reliable space for meetings, banquets and etiquette activities, to act as the exhibition “windows” for the local political, economic and cultural improvement, to assure the social employment and social stability, and to improve the natural environment and the investment environment, etc.

There are more problems of asymmetric information in this industry than in other industrial companies. The significance of R2 depends not only on the hotels’ understanding of the government official reception policies Guilin spanish travel guide, administrative and political targets and the specific requirement of the administrative officials, but also on the hotels’ abilities to lobby government officials and organizations to reduce the tax, increase the investment and improve the employee’s compensations. That means that the R, (8) in practice would transform into the multi games between SOHs and government focusing on their political and economic interests in the name of administration. Because the hotel industry in our country is a labor intensive industry Guilin hotel li river, it can solve a lot of social employment problems, especially the policy employment for retired army officers, women, and children of officials. This has become the policy basis for the SOHs to do the project proposal, financing arid non-market operation that is “in accordance to” the policy and these also become the social responsibilities of SOHs.

August 7, 2014

Secondary School Certificate Result 2014

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In the era of Google Apps for Education, some old school traditions still persist with grandeur in this society. Board examination result is one of them in our country. Although new editions of exams have been introduced to the Education structure of Bangladesh; SSC is still considered as important as the first board examination of students and the day of result is celebrated likewise with alacrity. This year’s SSC results are just around the corner. Candidates are keeping their fingers crossed, parents are praying as if they sat for the exams themselves and only 20 more days to go for their results!


Rumors with question paper leak or result tampering are very noxious companions of SSC and HSC examinations in Bangladesh, become obvious following elections. Everybody both nationally and internationally knows about our political jeopardy started around elections from 2013 to earlier months of 2014; which as usual affected the education system specifically the board exams. A clip from daily New Age (Saturday May 25, 2013) seems relevant here; “ACCORDING to a report front-paged in the Bangla daily Prothom Alo, Bangladesh has reached a milestone in terms of secondary school certificate exam results. Not only the pass rate is high, the number of golden GPA awarded is also up by nearly 26,000. Between 2011 and 2013, the pass rate has increased by seven percentage points. This is a very large gain considering the already high base pass rate of 82 per cent in 2011. As a matter of fact, the pass rate this year has dwarfed all previous figures and Prothom Alo claims this as an evidence of progress. If so, the Awami League-led government should be credited for securing such a big jump within few years of assuming office. New Age on May 11 quoted the education minister echoing the claim of Prothom Alo that this year’s results have showed that the overall education quality has improved.” Gossips spreaded that Government ensured significant good SSC result in 2013 to impress common people before election which gave birth to further controversy that the Government balanced this aberrance with HSC results. The following political chaos made people anxious about the students’ future. The board exams of 2014 so far seemed to be at stake. Nevertheless, the SSC examinations at least completed smoothly in 2014 and the results are about to be revealed. Whatever the monopoly is; like any other year nothing abates the excitement of SSC results of 2014.


This year, the exam started on 9th February and ended along with all the Written and Practical exams on 29th March. Among the total of 13,03203 examinees, 10.90 lac examinees sat for SSC exam under 8 general education boards, and around 3.42 lac for Dakhil and SSC vocational exam. Results of all the eight Education boards (Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Jessore, Comilla, Sylhet, Barisal and Dinajpur), one Madrasa Education Board and one Technical (Vocational) Education board are going to be published at the same time on 29th May,Thursday 2014 as theEducation Board’s rule of publishing result within 60 days after the exams are over. Education Minister of Bangladesh Nurul Islam Nahid willhand over the SSC result to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 10:00 am on that date.


Candidates can check their results on which is Bangladesh Education board’s official website; by their putting roll numbers and selecting respective board, examination type and year. Theycan also know results through mobile sms by following theinstructions below:


  1. Go to your Mobile text option and Type;

  2. for SSC general; SSC <space> 1st 3 letter of your board <space> Roll <space> 2014

         for Technical;  SSC <space> TEC <space> Roll <space> 2014

         for Dakhil : Dakhil <space> MAD <space> Roll <space> 2014

  1. Now send it to 16222

Example SMS: SSC DHA 7638464 2014

May 11, 2014

Manage your payday debts with a guarantor loan

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Once upon a time we lived in a world where credit was cheap and what’s more there was plenty of it. Up until the credit crunch hit the British economy, mainstream lenders such as banks and building societies were a great deal more willing to grant loans, credit cards, mortgages, and overdrafts to consumers who needed a quick cash injection, even those with less than perfect credit. How times have changed!

Mainstream lenders have closed the doors to those with poor credit

The financial environment is a different playing field these days, and if you want to be accepted for a loan or credit card with one of the big high street lenders, then chances are that you will not get a look in unless your credit score is flawless. If you are one of the many millions of UK consumers who has poor credit, than chances are you will have either used a payday lender to get the money that you need to tide you over or cover that large expense, or at least been very tempted to do so. After all it cannot be denied that they are extremely convenient, seeing as they can pay money into your bank account with no questions asked in less than 10 minutes. In fact if it wasn’t for the ludicrously high interest rates, which for example would see you pay over 5000% APR on a Wonga loan, they might in fact be the answer to your borrowing needs.

Struggling with payday loans? Use a guarantor loan to consolidate your debt

Sadly, many people in the UK have been seduced by the convenience of payday lending and have quickly found themselves in over their heads when unforeseen circumstances prevented them from paying the loan back. Well, that or they were forced to ‘roll over’ their loans; an action which can quickly turn a £500 loan into a £1,500 one. If you are one of the many who have fallen prey to payday lenders and are in something of a spiralling debt problem which you cannot climb out of, the answer to your troubles might be to consolidate your debt. Whether you have one, three, or five payday loan debts hanging over you, consolidating your debt by taking out a large, lower interest loan will allow you to pay off the payday lenders in one swoop, as well as pay back the money that you owe in much more manageable monthly repayments. This is something that you can do by taking on a guarantor loan.

What is a guarantor loan?

A guarantor loan is another form of alternative lending, which unlike payday loans will allow you to borrow the money that you need, minus the extortionate rates of interest. The only condition that is attached to this is that you will be required to find a friend or family member to sponsor you by acting as a guarantor loan. In short, if they trust you, so will we. You will be able to borrow anywhere between £1,000 to £7,500 over a one to five year period, which means that a guarantor loan can be taken on as a short, medium, or long-term option, depending on what your circumstances dictate. Importantly, a guarantor loan will much cheaper to repay than any payday loan out there, and if you were to borrow  £3,000 to pay off your payday loan debt over three years, you would pay the money back in £143.98 monthly instalments, which works out to 47.9% APR. Compared to the payday lenders which charge you £25 in interest for every £100 borrowed, this is a great deal cheaper.

So if you are in trouble with the payday lenders, don’t panic, and take charge of your payday debts by consolidating with a guarantor loan.

April 22, 2014

The Art Of Carefully Selecting The Best Student Loans

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The Art Of Carefully Selecting The Best Student Loans

Financing your education is no longer an ordeal thanks to the presence of tons of options today. Additional financing is necessary if you are starting out with higher education or if you happen to be the parent of a student. Certain others also return to finish off their degree; they may also require financial assistance from trustworthy sources. Enter private student loans – the paradigm that has brought forth considerable changes in the lives of many people across the country. Long gone are those days when one had to settle for the mediocre paying high interest private student loans! Today, anyone can use the vast number of online resources to opt in for lucrative loan offers.


There are considerable advantages in store for a student searching for loan provisions in the internet. For starters, they will get that opportunity to compare the available rates and other options very easily. Once they find a suitable financial proposition that is seemingly interesting, it is easy for them to apply for the same. Most providers of financial assistance will offer comprehensive account management systems to those who would like to keep a track of their loan. Repaying the loan amount through the online payment gateways is easy, in the same way!

While all the above-mentioned aspects might appear enticing, the real ordeal starts when a student begins to look into the options that are available for them. The lucrative nature of this industry has prompted many organizations to come forward and offer student loans. The sheer number of options that are available to a student can confuse them. There are certain aspects that every student will need to be aware of, when he or she is searching for additional financing that will help him or her to get their desired degree. We will consider some of them in the rest of the discussion.

Start by looking into the features made available to the students by the student loan companies. Secure sites and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, along with various kinds of online payment calculators will help in putting the students and their parents at ease. Several tools offered by the student loan company should work in unison so that the students will always end up getting the best deals made available to them. The larger the number of tools provided to the students, the better it will turn out!

Secondly, one will have to consider the help and support that they will get from the student loan company. Many student loan providers do not take the queries put forward by the students seriously. The students must get satisfactory answers to all of the queries that are present in their mind. It is possible to assess the quality of the help and support offered by one such institution by looking at the number or kinds of communication platforms they have embraced. Some of the best student loan providers now offer online chat facilities that will enable the students to get immediate answers for their doubts.

Please pay attention to the types of loans offered by the student loan company. Some establishments offer loan consolidation, which is a huge respite for a large number of students. Opting for student loans after gaining comprehensive information about them makes more sense rather than jumping into the bandwagon and regretting it later!


February 12, 2014

How Can Guarantor Loans Help In Mending Your Credit Scores

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How Can Guarantor Loans Help In Mending Your Credit Scores

People do not think much about their credit ratings or history until they fall in tough financial conditions. Once you begin to search for different types of credit, then one aspect becomes obvious. It is nothing but the simple fact that banks can disregard your loan application, if they find that you have a low credit rating. Luckily, various well-known and little-known sources can help you with your tough situation. Most of them will readily offer payday loans that come with exorbitantly high interest rates. Moneylenders often take into account the credit rating of the loan applicants because they wish to know whether the applicant can repay the loan amount properly without causing any issues.


Many people are simply not aware that guarantor loans can help them to improve their credit ratings. We will consider more of this in the rest of the discussion. First, let us look who all can benefit by taking a guarantor loan. People who have low credit scores can benefit a lot by taking guarantor loans. Those who have not taken any kinds of loans before can also use the same to improve their credit ratings. The underlying idea is plain and simple – it is nothing but to build your reputation among the lenders so that they will sanction loan amounts readily at some other point later.

Understanding the paradigm of guarantor loans at this stage will help a lot with the ensuing discussion. This form of loan is available to those who can produce someone else as a guarantor.  This lends additional credibility to the person who is applying for the loan in the first place. The moneylender will also get to avail that extra sense of security from the applicant because someone else is vouching for them!

One of the easiest ways with the help of which you can improve your credit scores using guarantor loans is the following – make it a point to repay the loan amount properly within a designated period. This should not be much of a problem for someone who truly realizes the gravity of the situation they had gotten themselves into. Repaying the guarantor loans properly implies that you have the necessary financial responsibility and this is a great deal for the moneylenders. Getting back into a financially stable position that will help you to grow –every moneylender in the industry will pay attention to this simple concept.

The companies dealing with guarantor loans can offer amounts ranging from £1000 to £5000. You will have access to easy repayment terms – this will usually range from one year to five years. Typically, a guarantor must be present in order to avail the loan amount. Those who opt for guarantor loans that come with longer repayment periods will have an opportunity to mend their credit ratings. Paying off the loans in a slow but steady manner has its own share of benefits – this being one of them. According to, the annual percentage rate for the guarantor loans ranges in between 45 to 50.

Mobiloans is an interesting web portal, which will help you to learn in depth about the loan options available for those having low credit ratings. Visit this website today in order to learn more about the ways with the help of which you can gain credit scores in an easy and safe manner.

February 5, 2014

The Relevancy Of Guarantor Loans And How They Are Better Than Payday Loans

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The Relevancy Of Guarantor Loans And How They Are Better Than Payday Loans

Many people understand that different types of credit are available during these times. One of the good things about these credit options is the following – you can customize them according to your requirements. Finding a product that can help you during some of the toughest money crunching periods is as simple as booting your computer and searching for them online. By all probabilities, you may have heard a lot about payday loans. However, are you aware of the disadvantages that are in store for someone who signs up for such kinds of loans without thinking too much?

The interest rates charged by many payday loan providers can be up to 1500% higher in comparison with the traditional systems. According to, many well-established banks within the UK consider those who opt for payday loans as a risk factor and there have been instances where the bank denied them loans or other similar provisions because they account holder dealt with payday loan companies at some earlier point of time. Enter guarantor loans that is an extremely versatile option, which can help anyone to tide through some of the toughest financial situations. Not many people are aware of the fact that they can get these kinds of loans from amounts ranging from £500 to £7500.


Another interesting characteristic of guarantor loans is its repayment terms. According to the earlier mentioned website, the highly flexible loan repayment conditions happens to be the aspect that attracts hordes of people to get this form of loan. Consolidating all kinds of debts that you may have is easy when guarantor loans are present. Anyone can take this type of credit arrangement in order to pay off their debts (including that dreaded payday loan). Such loans also play a pivotal part in helping you with small but significant purchases.

Contrary to your belief systems, purchases under £7500 can occur quite frequently in life. Banks that often specialize in offering large loan amounts might not provide their account holders small loans. This in turn forces them to opt for alternate loan options such as payday loans and guarantor loans. As you may have guessed by now, guarantor loans require someone else to back you up. Only then, the money lending company will allocate the desired amount. Make it a point to ask someone who has a good credit rating and financial stability to be your guarantor.

The companies that offer guarantor loans is a respite for many people who have been suffering for all these years under the other establishments that imposed strict repayment conditions. People now have an option to flex their spending abilities according to the requirements at hands – thanks to guarantor loans. Avoid reaching out for instant credit available from various well-established and little-known sources on the online or offline world. You will have to stop and think whether the loan provider is following a trustworthy system that will help you to repay the loan without much difficulty.

Guarantor loans occupy a safe spot in between the traditional payday loans and the other loan options that involve a homeowner using his or her home as a collateral to get the amount. Visit mobiloans today to get an in depth understanding of the various types of credit options available for commoners. Do keep us posted with your experiences after taking such loans.

February 5, 2014

Bill to be filed to cap payday loan rates in R.I.

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Two Rhode Island legislators – Rep. Frank Ferri and Sen. Juan Pichardo – said they will reintroduce bills to limit the interest rates charged on payday loans. The proposal from the two Democrats has failed repeatedly in recent years in the face of strong opposition from payday lenders.

The bill would cap interest rates at 36 percent. Now, payday loans come with annualized interest rates of up to 260 percent.

Owners of the businesses say the loans are a valuable financial tool for many people and that capping interest rates could force their businesses to leave Rhode Island. (Associated Press)

February 3, 2014